Faint glimpses of Dekh Bhai Dekh come to my mind – A family that laughs together stays together. That’s one of the very first memory that I have of cable television, just after melodramas like Shaanti and the enlightening ones like Surbhi that made their debut on DD. DBD made me believe that if I don’t belong to a family that Shekhar Suman did, I’m probably in the wrong family. When Mihir (Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi) was dead, it felt as though Jia’s (hypothetical) neighbor had lost her husband and when Simran finally ran away with Raj, it felt as though my own love story had come true!

Psychology has proven that what you watch and hear, affects the way you perceive the world to be. In a world where television shows’ only motive is to attain high TRPs and producers’ only motive is to gain profits after profits, how much of realistic drama (drama that is likely to happen in real life as well) can one expect to watch? And you can’t really blame the ones running the industry, just like anybody else, they’re there to do their job and to earn their bread and butter! So, do we blame the viewers to have got influenced by what they watch on screen? Ah well, the argument can lead to no where!

There is no denying the fact that the visual medium has affected the way we all think and behave. Every kid wants to be a Dabangg Salman and every girl wants to look like Aishwarya. (The appearance of these two names in one sentence is purely co-incidental).We all grow up watching the Raj- Simran love stories and are made to believe in happy endings. That’s exactly where one needs to draw the line. One needs to realize that life ain’t a fairy tale with a perfect end. We need to stop making comparisons between Sonam Kapoor’s character in a random movie and start getting on with our own lives. Every disabled Meenakshi (Vidya in Guru) will not get a Madhavan who will take her in his arms to complete the saath pheras.

The question is, are we fool enough to get so influenced to not deal with the difference between reel life is real life or are we being fooled? So much so, that we get so carried away to lose faith and start showing suicidal tendencies after one break up. The difference lies in realizing that cinema has perfect endings because it is drafted by sciptwriters, and life by… ah, well!

The Indian Television and Cinema, might have come a long way from being love struck, and what I am touching upon makes up for a very small section of what all goes on in the medium but that does not take the truth away. We need to draw some inspiration from movies like Black and probably some lessons from a Stanley Ka Dabba. We need to realize that life is not a DDLJ and we probably need audiences to accept something like a Dhobi Ghat; because life; most of the times is not about perfect endings but accepting the abruptness and moving on.

Brain Bummer

So what do you ideally do on a Saturday night? Chill out with your friends, go for a movie with family or on a long drive with someone special. Well, not definitely sit alone in your room and write a blog post!

I’ve been often asked, why do I not have any *happy-happy* posts? Well, the most justifiable answer to this could be that l am for real and that my life is not a fairy tale. This does not mean I don’t have times that make me feel like a princess, The last time I felt so was a couple of days back, when a dear friend bought me one of those yum chocolates you see in display at coffee shops, and then before that it was when the same friend bought me a balloon that I randomly demanded for. Life is full of such moments, that make you smile, even after you’ve relived them a hundred times.

But again you have these awkward moments when your Mum tells you “I’ve had enough of your tantrums now”. And this happens especially in an age when your peers are either getting married, engaged or pregnant and you have no choice but to vent out your frustration out in front of your Mum! :-| But again, Dad plays the good man in the movie, and tries to cheer you up by teaching you how to go about Google Earth!

Ideally I shouldn’t be complaining when almost every newspaper has Give(n) Some Space to me ;-) Never had I imagined that this initiative will start growing faster, than thought. Someone once told me, that you need to have this one crazy friend in your life, that keeps you going; who shares, cares and listens.Just like the one mentioned above, who does crazy things that make you feel not less than any other princess in the world. Well, the last few days wouldn’t have gone by so smooth had this friend not been there by my side, to push me beyond what I thought was not achievable.

I’m in a phase I do not want to be in; doing things that I do not want to do; Saying things I do not mean to say; I guess I’m suffering from mid-life crisis, where I know I’m in one of the most important phases of my life but at the same time do not know what to do with it! There ain’t a manual for this, is there?

But life ain’t that bad, when I have this one crazy friend who asks me to imagine him dancing when I’m getting bored and gives me a chocolate every time I meet him. When he is around, meeting Ranbir Kapoor, is no longer a dream, but a reality. And as the pact mentions, I promise to keep you a secret ;-)

I wouldn’t want to say cheers to life, but I wish I could do a bottoms-up, that would make this look a little better.What better than having your crazy friend alongside you, when you have just finished one bottoms up and are going for another!

Being Hungry Being Foolish

Very much contradictory to what one might think of my attitude after they know my qualification,  I was very sure in class seven about the fact that I did not want to study further. I had no idea of how I would become what I wanted to, but I didn’t want to study! And it was all because of those extraordinarily easy  theorems, facts and  laws that I was forced to mug up and puke in the school exams. They say that Newton’s apple changed the world! Like really? With all due respect to the great man, how does Newton’s discovery of gravity help me solve my dilemma in life. But yes, not to forget, gravity is the only reason why I cant fly off to Mars, when I need a change from my daily mundane life.
I think I am quite laid back in life. I am not a curious cat who would want to know the hows and whys of everything, because I think I already have enough to handle (which obviously is an exaggeration). Considering the prior, I have always unintentionally kept myself away from the complicated things around me, be it situations, subjects or the sensex.  In a condition like this, where I was not at all interested in gaining more gyaan, I had this little machine, that got me through those lectures at post-grad. That was my first and only experience of an Apple product, which was bought out of some profit earned. Besides giving me company in class, I loved it for keeping me away from those unnecessary thoughts and gossips ; and taking me to a different world that I always wanted to be in. If not for the music, I wonder how would those boring lectures pass. My second introduction  to the Pod-Man was again during those unwanted study sessions, when I read a case study of Mr Jobs’ career. Needless to say, the man did leave an impression on my mind.

The purpose of life may be several. A few, I may know. On many of those occasions, when the restless mind talks to itself or at least hopes that somebody in the universe will be able to answer it s questions, I ve wondered what was so tempting about the forbidden apple that Adam gave in to the temptation. I mean, had he not eaten the apple, humankind would have not come into being, nor would have I got stuck in the cycles of Karma nor would it be a bitch to me. I’m not too sure of whether it has really been a bitch or something else, but yeah, I atleast wouldn’t have been stuck in the *what goes around comes around* jazz.

Coming back to reality, yes I am still living my life and come what  may, I know I have to do my best, to live it my way. The following words hit me like a brick on my head and it’s impact will remain forever.

“.. the only way to do great work is to love what you do. And if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle…” – Steve Jobs; The man who changed the way the world would perceive technology.

 I hope I continue to fulfill the foolishness with the hunger.


 It’s not easy when everybody around you wants you to grow up, especially when they’re your dear ones. The best part about growing up is, they don’t expect you take your own decisions, but just to follow theirs, blindly!
Everybody wants to be the carefree child; a child for whom all mistakes are forgotten and for which he is not judged. But judgement is an important virtue, for the grown ups you see!

When we’re small, we all wanted to grow up and now, even if  we want to, we can’t bring those days back again. But yes, there is something which we all can do. Have a child-like attitude. That which is free of all worries, fears and sorrows. That which knows how to enjoy in the rains and have ice cream in scorching heat.That which does not feel embarrassed to sing in the most formal party and that which knows to give love even after somebody snatches his toy away..

I pray for this and more! Moments before writing this post, somebody told me to be content and so shall I hope to be :)

Minutes after you yell at a child, he’s back to doing what he does the best. Being happily involved with his toys;his world. Nobody, not even the closest, have the right to take away your happiness from you.

This year I ve probably loved the most and hated the most too. Achieved something and lost too. I hope I am permitted to do that in this year that will change the fate of the coming years.

Cheers to the past year! Cheers to spreading the happiness! Cheers to life :)

Happy Budday to Me :)

Way Back Into Love

So, they both stayed a few metres away from each other. Her balcony overlooked the thela where he had chaat almost everyday. She walked past his house during her evening walks. They studied in the same college, although he was a few years senior to her. Needless to say they worked in the same organisation and had had a lot in common than just common friends.
Hold on, hold on….

NO! They re NOT in love, because they ve still not met. Cupid struck only when fate got them together to conduct  income tax audits. People told me that on the way to one of those audits, they had a bad accident and one was no more; the scooter. Both of them scraped through with minor injuries. And now I know why!!

For me to see this day, almost three decades later, where they fight more than they talk and work more than they spend time with each other, only to be together after 25 years :)
After all the tax audits, picnics, movies, visits to each others’ house and a lot of convincing and disappointment, the Sindhi-Marwadi wedding took place on the 15th July 1986 only to give birth to the existence of a mad-(cultural)-mixed-breed that people know me as.

My grandparents did not grace the occasion with their blessings, but today they wouldn’t disagree if I say she prepares the best Daal Baati in the household, just like she prepared Daal Pakwan earlier. My father loves sindhi pappad more than the marwadi one and our relatives come home only to learn how to cook sindhi Kadhi Chawal.

They’ve fought..First they fought for each other, then with each other but more importantly, they fought for me and continue to do so. Thank you Mumma and Papa for giving me a comfortable life and much much more. Here’s wishing you a not-so-rough quarter like the last, and may happiness embrace you like you never before.

Disclaimer: The above acknowledgement does not suggest that I will stop being the pampered-spoilt-brat that I was. I will continue to be so with all rights reserved.

The story so far

2011-May 2nd week-
Neighbour: So you’re back! Nice to see you. I’m sure you’re looking forward to this break after work.
Me:  Yes, I am. I just want to relax and do nothing.

2011-May 4th week-
Relative:  I’ve heard you’re back. What are you doing these days.
Me: (Pause) Enjoying doing nothing. Will start thinking of options after a while.

2011-June 2nd week-
Friend:  I think you should start doing something, irrespective of whether you like it or not.
Me: (Sigh) Ya man! I know.  

2010 June – Flashback -
Things I want to do in the next 10  years:

  • Walk without crutches
  • Social Development
  • Do something in the Radio business
  • Sing for at least one album

2011- 29th June-  
Me: Papa, I want to bunk physio therapy tomorrow. I slept late as I  finished posting a note on FB at 3:40 a.m and then want to catch up on X-men, as it will run out of theatres and then have to go shopping with XYZ!

It’s never too late to do what you might want to do 

Did anyone just talk about self- motivation :P 

Let there be Light

So, India did win the world cup, eh and Dhoni is our man! Yes I know, it’s stale news and we now have better subjects like the Ramdev Baba’s fast to eradicate corruption to discuss. How I wish, there was a government who granted my wishes when I fasted. Well, I almost did, because the mess did not serve after working hours and they still refused to shift me into a single seater despite the stated.

As sleepy I am to write this post, I am equally desperate to complete it. Writing this post on the insistence of a very dear friend, but we might head nowhere. Trying hard to get my sarcasm out, but I guess I left it in the left over Italian dish I explored today at lunch. Sunday outing you see, the viscous habit of earning and spending that I have got into ever since I got that degree, from the place that wants to me to go back to it. A friend’s status message on Facebook read today, ” You never fall out of love, you either get thrown out or you walk away on your own” That place did the prior, after allowing me to clear the backlog of experiences; and so did he. I wonder if there is anything behind these experiences, well at least I hope something lies ahead!

The road map of my dodge leads to nowhere!  I’d got a call from a journalist to participate in an industry story. After a lot of (mis)communication, the quote was given. Fire alarm – One of the very first lessons of Public Relations – never participate in a story unless you’ve got all  your questions answered. So, My Lord, I’m ready with my quote, to paint this thing called life, but hang on, who’s playing the journalist today?

This part of my life’s called ” The Pursuit of Happyness”

“An evil may sometimes turn out to be a blessing in disguise” – (A line from a book I’ve been wanting to read since long) Till then, Let there be Light :)

Game Over !?

Okay, this has been pending since the  the first midnight of the first day of the second decade of the first millennium of my life. A wandered  soul was I, looking forward to may be a change, a blessing in disguise, a miracle. Almost into the second month of the second decade and nothing is more welcome than a happy realisation.

Landing up being a 20 something humming the notes of raaga Bhairavi (a raaga emoting seriousness ) was definitely not on my new year’s resolution last year, or was it? Thank God, there ain’t a raaga depicting confusion! The seventh note of the octave will not be as soothing as ever. But the notes will continue to flow and the harmonium will continue to play.

Fate has always been nothing less than a navigator and it couldn’t have chosen a better day  for me to walk the road less traveled probably for the last time; a journey so incredible. A trip to that place was all that it took for it to start again.Yes, again! The not so wanted yet so wanted happened, again. The not so first but the last and now probably never again. A bonfire lit on that new year’s just brought back to life the flame within me.

A title too obvious, a 20- 20 game lost and a World Cup yet to be won..


The song had ended, but the melody remained. Every tune that played on the I pod reminded me..  Reminded me of something that had left and would probably never come back again. Probably! The hope remains…

Songs continued to play and thoughts continued to run and like the I pod, I wish thoughts had a stop button too.In a bus full of laughter, chatter, giggles I choose to listen to songs on that very machine that was sometime held by someone else.

I was on yet another journey not knowing what was in store. The previous one let me down. I wished to get a slightest clue to what I really wanted; All I knew was what I did not want. Back home, the city of dreams did not stand up to it’s promise and the excitement as they call it, was dead in no time.

Change is inevitable and never was I so grateful for the same. The mountains changed, the people did and surprisingly so did the perspective. Responsibility and realization dawned upon me and independence was at sky high. Even though the coffee required three packets of sugar, the people were already soaked in it.
People come and go but footprints remain is what someone once told me. But this time indeed, I am sure that it is the people that will remain.

An unearthly experience as it was meant to be, nothing could have impacted me as much than being within those four walls that I thought were not meant for ones like me.

Back to the city of dreams, hoping for it to be supportive this time. And well, the I pod still continues to play in my head…


I put myself to sleep with a thought

Never knew it would not let me sleep again
It was you that I had always sought
Didn’t know I would lose myself in the bargain

The thought was as simple as it could be 
A question whose answer I longed to seek 
I yearned to have you by me
But fate wished for something bleak

I told you how I feel
You said you saw it the other way 
It left a lil something that could never heal 
But the thought still remained and I never could say

The month of May
Was when things took turn anew 
The thought eventually found it’s way
When she asked,
How does it feel to be with you?’

In his embrace paradise she found
Life for her was all glee
The thought still continues to resound 
Inopportune, but the she never was me !!