Monthly Archives: December 2013


Screw perfection. No really, just screw it. Realize that sometimes there is nothing wrong in being vulnerable. Realize that it is okay to fall apart sometimes. And it is okay to leave your house without kajal once in a while. It’s a shame if you haven’t got drunk and made a complete fool out of yourself. Just do it. It’s pretty normal to fight with your bestie because they’re still in touch with your ex. Don’t beat yourself for kissing your ex over a random meeting. Have that much anticipated exit talk with your boss. Go ahead and ask your partner to hold you for five seconds more if that’s what you want. Don’t wait for them to read your mind. Go for coffee by yourself. Remember, nobody understands you better than yourself. Walk out of the room if you’re not comfortable. Don’t be there just to please somebody. Travel. Click a lot of pictures and a hell more selfies too. Be shameless enough to post them. Indulge in choco chips ice cream. Screw the diet. Stop being obsessed with the idea of a perfect relationship. Love your partner perfectly unconditionally. Don’t remove your frustration on your parents. Go biking. Laugh till your ribs hurt. Be there for your friends, don’t just say it. Read blogs and write them too. Stop checking your ex’s last seen on whatsapp. Stop getting annoyed with engagement and wedding and baby pictures on facebook. Be considerate. Go party. Pray. Talk to God. Respect yourself enough to walk away from people who hurt you. Work your ass off. Deliver your best to your clients. Sleep enough. Don’t put yourself down. Embrace other’s imperfections just like you would embrace your own. Don’t be horny. Make passionate love. Listen to music. Don’t watch a lot of television. Learn to unlearn.

Forgive. Let go. Love yourself.