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Rest In Peace

I believe that when you are close to someone, you offer a special part of yourself to the relationship. That part of you, which you can reveal to nobody else; which is exclusive to only that person.

I mean, we all behave differently with different people and we’re not the same with any two people in our life. Be it our mother or our father; our elder or younger sibling; the best friend from school or the best friend from hostel; or the guy who you randomly met six and a half years ago who became your best friend and may be more than that;
So what happens when the relationship ends? A relationship that cannot be defined – even if the other person decides to recognise it as something casual. A part of you dies with it. You lose a part of yourself that you know, you cannot bring back again.

When you cremate the body of a loved one, you light fire to their flesh and wait for it to turn into ashes.  You take the ashes back with you. You offer it to the holy Ganges, so that the deceased can rest in peace.

When your relationship ends, you cremate your own soul. And you have no choice but to keep the ashes and live with them everyday. You live with the pain of losing somebody; the pain of losing the way you were with that somebody who meant the world.

The worst part is that even if a part of you is dead, you’re still living; you’re still breathing. The question is how well do you deal with the loss of losing yourself?

How do you not look forward waking up to those good morning calls that were the most essential part of your life? What do you make up of those one thousand and fourteen chat messages in your inbox when the other person refuses to stand up for it was? How do you refrain from dialing the familiar number that’s been engraved in the phonebook of your mind for eternity? How do you not feel the urge to listen to the voice that once made you skip a heartbeat?

You do nothing, but to feel the pain overcome your being. You console yourself by being happy for the other person. You live those moments again but try to move on; hoping that one day you will, just like the other person did.

Rest in Peace 2006 – 2013