Monthly Archives: December 2011

Brain Bummer

So what do you ideally do on a Saturday night? Chill out with your friends, go for a movie with family or on a long drive with someone special. Well, not definitely sit alone in your room and write a blog post!

I’ve been often asked, why do I not have any *happy-happy* posts? Well, the most justifiable answer to this could be that l am for real and that my life is not a fairy tale. This does not mean I don’t have times that make me feel like a princess, The last time I felt so was a couple of days back, when a dear friend bought me one of those yum chocolates you see in display at coffee shops, and then before that it was when the same friend bought me a balloon that I randomly demanded for. Life is full of such moments, that make you smile, even after you’ve relived them a hundred times.

But again you have these awkward moments when your Mum tells you “I’ve had enough of your tantrums now”. And this happens especially in an age when your peers are either getting married, engaged or pregnant and you have no choice but to vent out your frustration out in front of your Mum! :-| But again, Dad plays the good man in the movie, and tries to cheer you up by teaching you how to go about Google Earth!

Ideally I shouldn’t be complaining when almost every newspaper has Give(n) Some Space to me ;-) Never had I imagined that this initiative will start growing faster, than thought. Someone once told me, that you need to have this one crazy friend in your life, that keeps you going; who shares, cares and listens.Just like the one mentioned above, who does crazy things that make you feel not less than any other princess in the world. Well, the last few days wouldn’t have gone by so smooth had this friend not been there by my side, to push me beyond what I thought was not achievable.

I’m in a phase I do not want to be in; doing things that I do not want to do; Saying things I do not mean to say; I guess I’m suffering from mid-life crisis, where I know I’m in one of the most important phases of my life but at the same time do not know what to do with it! There ain’t a manual for this, is there?

But life ain’t that bad, when I have this one crazy friend who asks me to imagine him dancing when I’m getting bored and gives me a chocolate every time I meet him. When he is around, meeting Ranbir Kapoor, is no longer a dream, but a reality. And as the pact mentions, I promise to keep you a secret ;-)

I wouldn’t want to say cheers to life, but I wish I could do a bottoms-up, that would make this look a little better.What better than having your crazy friend alongside you, when you have just finished one bottoms up and are going for another!