Monthly Archives: October 2011

Being Hungry Being Foolish

Very much contradictory to what one might think of my attitude after they know my qualification,  I was very sure in class seven about the fact that I did not want to study further. I had no idea of how I would become what I wanted to, but I didn’t want to study! And it was all because of those extraordinarily easy  theorems, facts and  laws that I was forced to mug up and puke in the school exams. They say that Newton’s apple changed the world! Like really? With all due respect to the great man, how does Newton’s discovery of gravity help me solve my dilemma in life. But yes, not to forget, gravity is the only reason why I cant fly off to Mars, when I need a change from my daily mundane life.
I think I am quite laid back in life. I am not a curious cat who would want to know the hows and whys of everything, because I think I already have enough to handle (which obviously is an exaggeration). Considering the prior, I have always unintentionally kept myself away from the complicated things around me, be it situations, subjects or the sensex.  In a condition like this, where I was not at all interested in gaining more gyaan, I had this little machine, that got me through those lectures at post-grad. That was my first and only experience of an Apple product, which was bought out of some profit earned. Besides giving me company in class, I loved it for keeping me away from those unnecessary thoughts and gossips ; and taking me to a different world that I always wanted to be in. If not for the music, I wonder how would those boring lectures pass. My second introduction  to the Pod-Man was again during those unwanted study sessions, when I read a case study of Mr Jobs’ career. Needless to say, the man did leave an impression on my mind.

The purpose of life may be several. A few, I may know. On many of those occasions, when the restless mind talks to itself or at least hopes that somebody in the universe will be able to answer it s questions, I ve wondered what was so tempting about the forbidden apple that Adam gave in to the temptation. I mean, had he not eaten the apple, humankind would have not come into being, nor would have I got stuck in the cycles of Karma nor would it be a bitch to me. I’m not too sure of whether it has really been a bitch or something else, but yeah, I atleast wouldn’t have been stuck in the *what goes around comes around* jazz.

Coming back to reality, yes I am still living my life and come what  may, I know I have to do my best, to live it my way. The following words hit me like a brick on my head and it’s impact will remain forever.

“.. the only way to do great work is to love what you do. And if you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle…” – Steve Jobs; The man who changed the way the world would perceive technology.

 I hope I continue to fulfill the foolishness with the hunger.