Monthly Archives: August 2011


 It’s not easy when everybody around you wants you to grow up, especially when they’re your dear ones. The best part about growing up is, they don’t expect you take your own decisions, but just to follow theirs, blindly!
Everybody wants to be the carefree child; a child for whom all mistakes are forgotten and for which he is not judged. But judgement is an important virtue, for the grown ups you see!

When we’re small, we all wanted to grow up and now, even if  we want to, we can’t bring those days back again. But yes, there is something which we all can do. Have a child-like attitude. That which is free of all worries, fears and sorrows. That which knows how to enjoy in the rains and have ice cream in scorching heat.That which does not feel embarrassed to sing in the most formal party and that which knows to give love even after somebody snatches his toy away..

I pray for this and more! Moments before writing this post, somebody told me to be content and so shall I hope to be :)

Minutes after you yell at a child, he’s back to doing what he does the best. Being happily involved with his toys;his world. Nobody, not even the closest, have the right to take away your happiness from you.

This year I ve probably loved the most and hated the most too. Achieved something and lost too. I hope I am permitted to do that in this year that will change the fate of the coming years.

Cheers to the past year! Cheers to spreading the happiness! Cheers to life :)

Happy Budday to Me :)