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Way Back Into Love

So, they both stayed a few metres away from each other. Her balcony overlooked the thela where he had chaat almost everyday. She walked past his house during her evening walks. They studied in the same college, although he was a few years senior to her. Needless to say they worked in the same organisation and had had a lot in common than just common friends.
Hold on, hold on….

NO! They re NOT in love, because they ve still not met. Cupid struck only when fate got them together to conduct  income tax audits. People told me that on the way to one of those audits, they had a bad accident and one was no more; the scooter. Both of them scraped through with minor injuries. And now I know why!!

For me to see this day, almost three decades later, where they fight more than they talk and work more than they spend time with each other, only to be together after 25 years :)
After all the tax audits, picnics, movies, visits to each others’ house and a lot of convincing and disappointment, the Sindhi-Marwadi wedding took place on the 15th July 1986 only to give birth to the existence of a mad-(cultural)-mixed-breed that people know me as.

My grandparents did not grace the occasion with their blessings, but today they wouldn’t disagree if I say she prepares the best Daal Baati in the household, just like she prepared Daal Pakwan earlier. My father loves sindhi pappad more than the marwadi one and our relatives come home only to learn how to cook sindhi Kadhi Chawal.

They’ve fought..First they fought for each other, then with each other but more importantly, they fought for me and continue to do so. Thank you Mumma and Papa for giving me a comfortable life and much much more. Here’s wishing you a not-so-rough quarter like the last, and may happiness embrace you like you never before.

Disclaimer: The above acknowledgement does not suggest that I will stop being the pampered-spoilt-brat that I was. I will continue to be so with all rights reserved.