Monthly Archives: January 2011

Game Over !?

Okay, this has been pending since the  the first midnight of the first day of the second decade of the first millennium of my life. A wandered  soul was I, looking forward to may be a change, a blessing in disguise, a miracle. Almost into the second month of the second decade and nothing is more welcome than a happy realisation.

Landing up being a 20 something humming the notes of raaga Bhairavi (a raaga emoting seriousness ) was definitely not on my new year’s resolution last year, or was it? Thank God, there ain’t a raaga depicting confusion! The seventh note of the octave will not be as soothing as ever. But the notes will continue to flow and the harmonium will continue to play.

Fate has always been nothing less than a navigator and it couldn’t have chosen a better day  for me to walk the road less traveled probably for the last time; a journey so incredible. A trip to that place was all that it took for it to start again.Yes, again! The not so wanted yet so wanted happened, again. The not so first but the last and now probably never again. A bonfire lit on that new year’s just brought back to life the flame within me.

A title too obvious, a 20- 20 game lost and a World Cup yet to be won..