Monthly Archives: November 2010


The song had ended, but the melody remained. Every tune that played on the I pod reminded me..  Reminded me of something that had left and would probably never come back again. Probably! The hope remains…

Songs continued to play and thoughts continued to run and like the I pod, I wish thoughts had a stop button too.In a bus full of laughter, chatter, giggles I choose to listen to songs on that very machine that was sometime held by someone else.

I was on yet another journey not knowing what was in store. The previous one let me down. I wished to get a slightest clue to what I really wanted; All I knew was what I did not want. Back home, the city of dreams did not stand up to it’s promise and the excitement as they call it, was dead in no time.

Change is inevitable and never was I so grateful for the same. The mountains changed, the people did and surprisingly so did the perspective. Responsibility and realization dawned upon me and independence was at sky high. Even though the coffee required three packets of sugar, the people were already soaked in it.
People come and go but footprints remain is what someone once told me. But this time indeed, I am sure that it is the people that will remain.

An unearthly experience as it was meant to be, nothing could have impacted me as much than being within those four walls that I thought were not meant for ones like me.

Back to the city of dreams, hoping for it to be supportive this time. And well, the I pod still continues to play in my head…