Monthly Archives: June 2010


I put myself to sleep with a thought

Never knew it would not let me sleep again
It was you that I had always sought
Didn’t know I would lose myself in the bargain

The thought was as simple as it could be 
A question whose answer I longed to seek 
I yearned to have you by me
But fate wished for something bleak

I told you how I feel
You said you saw it the other way 
It left a lil something that could never heal 
But the thought still remained and I never could say

The month of May
Was when things took turn anew 
The thought eventually found it’s way
When she asked,
How does it feel to be with you?’

In his embrace paradise she found
Life for her was all glee
The thought still continues to resound 
Inopportune, but the she never was me !!