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Mann ka Radio

You were there when I was alone, You were there when I was bored, You played my favourite songs when I was low, You were with me during boring lectures, I could hear you when amid the crowd I was travelling.You were there :) It all began on May 1st 2003, when I first heard you and then i eventually got so used to you, that I wanted you wherever I went. My friends tease me with your name ;)

They call me ‘Ms. Radio’…

2003 to 2010, and I yet haven’t got over with what could be called my first love, Radio. As a child, Mumma always played Vividh Bharti in the mornings, when she was getting me ready for school. Little did I know that this acquaintance with The medium would turn into love and eventually a passion, that would die not easily.The acquaintance turned into love when Radio Mirchi came to Pune and it was in my tenth standard vacation that I was introduced to The medium again.  Mirchi was the best thing that happened to me during those vacations and I did what any other teenager  would do for a Hrithik. Wrote a poem for the then hottest voice on Mirchi and made sure I read that on air. And as fate would have it, a few months back I shared my workplace with the same person, whose voice almost all Punekars, at least the females of my age, yearned to listen to.

The Mirchi fever had spread like virus and Radio was soon the talk of the town; a city that had witnessed the bloom of Marathi theatre had now embraced a contemporary medium. Back then, when Radio was my crony in the boring vacations, I wondered at the power of the wondrous medium and little did I know then the wonders Radio could do in the field of Communication. The fact that Radio had become so popular amused me and the more I learnt about The medium. the more I wanted to be a part of it. Being a person who hated studies but loved school for conversations, I never thought of doing MBA. After a commerce degree, destiny again got me to study Radio at my course and do an internship at Radio One. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Be it the RJing stint at Mirchi auditions or the unforgettable experience at One, I just can’t get enough of the medium. Today as I stand at the threshold of my career, Radio continues to play at the back of my mind and not to mention in my heart. Time now to get back to job hunting and for all those who thought it’s just a fling..
Mann ka radio will catch it’s frequency soon!