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Yunhi Nahi Dil Lubhata Koi!

Unlike most of my batch mates, I was one of the very few who was more than happy with the idea of staying away from home. Freedom is what beckoned me. Having lived 20 years without a sibling was quite a task for me and I couldn’t wait to explore hostel life. Staying away from home was something I had wished for, and for once, my wish was going to come true.

4th July, 2008: I had butterflies in my stomach. The happy butterflies and the sad butterflies. The happy ones because I was finally leaving home and sad because no longer would my best friends be ten minutes down the road. SIMC did not begin on a good note, but little did I know then, that destiny had the sweetest people in store for me. Those with whom I have had the worst fights ever and best random trips too.

11th August ’08: I got one of the best gifts that I hadn’t even thought of. One could not expect a gift like this on a hill top, where one hasn’t even gone beyond being acquaintances,and this one came from a guy who had a weird name that I had never heard of. All I knew about him was that he blogged, blogged  and blogged. The gift from Chetta will remain special forever! I realized life is meant to be rejoiced !

22nd August 2008: A day in the history of SIMC, when despite the attendance not being mandatory, people turned out in large numbers, especially a few to derive sadistic pleasure out of putting cake on my hair and clicking pictures when I am at my horrible best. I still remember waking up Mr. Fancy Pants from his slumber to come down and be a part of my surprise budday party. One of the best budday ever! It was again the first time in the history of  SIMC, that we had an all girls class  that day, while the boys were in a meeting with our very own Prof. A.S for the not-so-right reasons. After all, jisko malum hai usko pata hai ! 

Incidents come and go, but memories remain.  It is difficult to pen down each memorable moment at Lavale but  the SIMC experience, cannot be summed up without mentioning the fun times with the Gujju and the Mal gang! Thanks to Ms. Silky, I am now an international member of LIMA ( Lavale International Malayale Association) for  having being able to say a few words like ‘Poda Patti’ in Malayalam. It has become so difficult to imagine life after this hill top, because you don’t know when you will meet your friends again, the same people with whom you shared the dinner table for two years! The assignment copying, bonding sessions over tea and coffee, the Apadi Pode dance sessions with my two hug-buddies, Footprints madness, the study sessions at 206, signing petitions for almost everything in SIMC, singing sessions with apna Agent 212, PR with Mr.P Q, tieing rakhi to my Brother on this hill top, Chatting with Ms. Jane Austen,  Buddays at 12, classes with Prof A.S and Dharam Sir and last but not the least melodramatic sessions with Ms. Skype, RJ and Mr Lost-into-his-world are some of the many memories that I will cherish forever.

I still remember the first Thursday when I went home. I never knew I would miss home so much! I went to see ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ that night with Mumma, just before the Manorama test. My journey of SIMC had just begun then, and never  had I thought that the lyrics of the song would speak so directly to me now, as if some song writer somewhere wrote the lyrics just for me  . Here’s to the people with whom I spent the best two years of my life: “Tera Mujh Se Hai Pehele Ka Naata Koi.. Yunhi Nahi Dil Lubhata Koi…Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na.. “

P.S : No offence to all those whom I haven’t mentioned in the post. Does not mean I acknowledge you less. Loves!