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"The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

About Me

I am a freelance writer and a social media specialist. Having completed my master's from Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communication, I come with the right blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to offer the best deliverables.

Among the numerous ways to be happy, one of them is to transcend reality by will power. I have never let my disability come in the way of achieving my goals and ambitions and have always believed in beating the worst by the best.

Why Me?

"It is the knack for writing that makes a writer a writer and I believe that I’ve got the knack!"

In any business, it is extremely important to thoroughly understand the clients’ requirements and deliver accordingly. With experience in traditional journalism, blog writing, content writing, copywriting, scriptwriting and social media marketing, I come with a thorough understanding of each of the mediums. This expertise allows me to craft the message in a manner that will suit respective media and ensure that the words do the magic for every client!

What do I do?


“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”

It’s not about trying to be out of the box, but about using your imagination to come up with the right words to achieve the desired outcome. Using the right words can help you establish the much needed connection with your target audience, create the right identity for your company and bring life to your brand.

Content Writing

“Content is king”

Your content can either make it or break it for you. Your content is what your reader understands about you and that is something you cannot take lightly. Having written across various sectors, my strength lies in knowing that the same style does not work for everyone and in working closely with clients to ensure that the content provides the cutting edge for their company!

Corporate Writing

"Good writing is clear thinking made visible."

The primary objective of corporate writing is to enhance communication within and outside the organisation and enable collaborations that will take businesses to the next level. Coming from a marketing and communications background has helped me understand the dynamics of a set up more closely and deliver the right communication. From newsletters to business proposals and much more, it is my responsibility to ensure that your message is communicated in the most apt manner.

Script Writing

"A story has a purpose and a path. It must be told correctly to be understood."

For every idea that is itching to get out and for every story waiting to be told; from scripts for voiceovers and documentaries to scripts for events and more - I will help you create the magic with your medium.

Social Media Marketing

"It's not about to do or not to do. Social media is about how well you do it."

Social Media Marketing is not about suggesting you to be on a particular platform just because everybody else is. It is about going beyond the number of likes and followers and choosing the right platform for you to create the right messaging that will suit your company's objective. Your customers are online and you can't afford to not occupy their mindspace. Social media is about creating the right strategy to enhance your interaction with your target audience that will work wonders for your business.


IDFC Newsletter A BLAQ Property


  • "Sweta is committed to her role as a communications specialist and we have worked on several projects together. It was a result of some extensive research and dedication by Sweta for over 6 months that one of our projects won the ICE (In house Communication Excellence) Award. If flexibility is what you seek from a writer, Sweta is the one to reach out to."

    - Shubesh Ravindran - Head - Design & Internal Communications, BLAQ -
  • “Sweta is a thoughtful person. I have seen her growing as professional from good to better, fine tuning her approach and learning curve with every piece of work. With her positive attitude and commitment, I am sure she will achieve everything she puts her mind in.”

    - Ambuj Dixit - Consultant and Business Advisor -
  • “Having had the pleasure to work with Sweta on various assignments, I am happy to say that in her, I've found somebody sincere, determined and extremely efficient. Not just are her writing skills exemplary, but the keenness with which she takes interest in various topics is worthy of praise. All this makes her an excellent content writer, whom you can count on to deliver a diverse set of articles and also help you with your social media marketing.”

    - Prateek Shah - Founder, Green Smyles -
  • "Sweta has been working for Natives Communications for more than 3 years. She has been catering to the various content related needs of the organisation. I must say, during all these years Sweta has always been skilled enough to write for various media like print, audio, video and online. Her capacity of understanding the subject, expressing it though apt words and to deliver the content within the given deadlines has been an asset for our organisation."

    - Anurata Tribhuvan - Director, Natives Communications -

Give Some Space

"It is high time we realised whether it is the society that is accommodating the differently abled or it is the differently abled that is accommodating the society."

Give Some Space is an initiative to give some space to the differently abled in our open society. Our aim is to collectively reduce physical and social barriers that prevent the differently abled from coming into the mainstream and eventually create a space for them.

Infrastructure is one of the prime physical barrier that affects the mainstream inclusion of the differently abled. The Persons With Disabilities Act 1995 provides for a Barrier Free Environment for the differently abled that will facilitate independent movement which otherwise is restricted. Inspite of the provisions laid, there is very little that has been implemented.

Accessibility is Empowerment and it is the first step towards reinstalling Equality. Our efforts are directed towards facilitating a disabled friendly infrastructure to ensure mainstream inclusion. We believe that unless accessibility is provided, social inclusion of the differently-abled is a distant dream. .

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